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Independently owned businesses are the key driving forces of the Charlotte economy and we are a bank built to serve these businesses, their owners and employees. From day one, we designed our Bank to have the skills, services and expertise to serve these businesses. This started with a Board of Directors made up of business owners and advisors that bring a variety of expertise and skills to guide and assist our clients in running their businesses. We then developed an array of products specifically tailored to these customers and now we’re adding the ultimate service, the Bank that comes to your business.

Our experienced Relationship Management Team comes to your business and learns about your vision, goals and current challenges. Then by using an in-depth consultative approach we provide guidance and solutions through products, support and services that help you achieve success. Our Commerce Banker On-Call program, online banking, Commerce Remote Deposit and cash management services provide a comprehensive solution to your business’ financial needs.

We’re more than just a bank; we are a broad financial resource for you. It’s like having your own board of advisors - a select group of financial professionals who are available to provide advice and counsel when you need it. The mission of the Bank of Commerce is “To enable our clients to achieve success” - this is how we do it. May we come to your business?


Call us at 704.971.7000
or email us at banker@bocnc.com
Available Mon - Fri 8:30 AM to 5 PM

This innovative service brings our Bank to the corner of your desk, giving you the freedom to securely scan and deposit checks directly into your account at your convenience.